Sagàs is a small mid-mountain village situated in the Berguedà, where it ends Central Catalonia and begins the Pyrenees. There are 143 inhabitants living in approximately forty scattered houses. Inhabitants who, since ancient times, mainly devoted to farming activities and working, day by day, taking the pulse of this indomitable place.


In this environment the Rovira‘s family performs their daily activities: raising of calves, pigs, chickens, poulardes... guided by sustainability and quality criteria and passion for what they are doing.


The farming of the field and the garden starts the cycle that begins on land, the source of everything that gives meaning to what they are: a farmer family.


But that's not all. Rovira’s family has closed the circle really. In their workshop made, with centuries-old recipes and culinary criteria, all the meats and meat products we put on the table. The vegetables come from their garden and from experienced collectors of this environment.


The youngest of the Rovira’s, Oriol, cook of Els Casals -a restaurant located in Sagàs-, has dreamed, created and built this proposal. The rest of us have gathered around him to make this dream come true.


From the land and the origins and knowing all the time who we are, we've been around the world to bring you this way of eating. Eat with the hands, the original way to eat and where we think it makes sense to return to the flavours, products and, after all, the pleasure...